As stated:

at Coders Farm, we train our own programmers!

Our training is free, but it is also unpaid. You will be assisted, trained and led by the leadership developers at Coders Farm. The training tailors you to know what a stack is, and how to develop across the whole thing using java and modern web development technologies.

As an organization we do not only develop java based websites, but these are the base line practical skills/knowledge you need to know to do great work for Coders Farm and for our clients. They will be used the rest of your career to compare and relate to other technologies out there, and will help to expedite your further learning.

Please understand that our program is
extremely limited.

We are doing the best we can for the training program considering our workload. We began training our first group of future employees mid-febuary, and we will select additional people in the future.

Training will consist of an estimated 30 hours of online training from the popular Codecademy, and instructor-led group training.

With Codecademy, you learn the basics of java and front end web development. You then finish off the first half of training learning the most popular database interaction language (often used with many different programming languages) and git, the tool that turns any coder into a professional programmer. There’s alot more than just git that makes a pro-programmer, but knowing git and/or the uses of source control is expected in any workplace.

Then in the second half, you will be lead through instructor-led Coders Farm training where you put all of the basics together to become a full stack java web developer. You will be led through building a website for yourself, with some fancy little do-dads on it (a series of simple and useful webapps).

If you are interested in the training program, please fill out our form here:

We will assist you in your studies here and guide you through the various languages you’ll find there. We have picked out 6 of them to use, and they are listed specifically below.