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We are a product of our own collective skill set. We utilize alot of of the services we offer to our clients as far as web development and even marketing your website or managing your online presence.

There are hundreds of open java jobs available in Lansing, MI and THOUSANDS available across the country. We collect this information daily, and put out an automated announcement to our blog and across all of our social media with an exact count of the open jobs in Lansing, and the open jobs is the USA.


Klubcams offers live feeds of images showing the local bars and clubs in your area. A complete system from broadcaster to end user. By using micro computer applications, native mobile apps, json REST api and a managed cloud of feed servers for various regions of their network, Klubcams is able to provide live feed services to bars and clubs at a fraction of the cost of traditional live stream systems.

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AB Industries, LLC


ABI is an industry leader in relocation services. Professional muscle men to assist with the heavy lifting, and experienced leadership to make sure the job is completed safely and efficiently with your belongings in mind.

Their application has been developed for leadership to manage employees scheduled jobs, payment preferences and employee requests. There is also an Admin management panel for leadership to approve users and view their information.

Bitcoin Introduction

Website is a website for people to learn about bitcoin, and how it can be used for a number of things. From storing your wealth, to investment opportunities, Bitcoin puts the power of money back into the common mans hands. A globally accessible economy that knows no borders and has no central authority. A digital financial system that does not rely on banks. It's goal was originally to market an ebook, but since inception it's been decided an in-house affiliate system would be better (we're building that too).

MMMP Provisioning Center Management

This is a Windows desktop application for Medical Marijuana provisioning centers in the state of Michigan. It can manage patients, visits, and sales. It provides customizeable reporting with easy data extraction so that you can interface with any other system you use. It also integrates with the popular online marijuana strain database to keep itself up to date so that you never are looking for the latest strains. It will also function completely offline when needed.

Bitcoin At-Home Wallet

Open Source Device Project
This device/web app was developed to work on top of the bitcoin daemon, using the JSON-RPC interface to get information regarding the "wallet". Of course the device is expected to be a micro-PC, but it does not have to be. It can be any PC realistically that resides on a trusted LAN (home, office, private spaces) and has the cryptocurrency of choice installed and running.

More coming soon!

We are always interested in helping out new people, and being of service to those who need us. Our work, makes a difference. Having efficient developers and useful technology can make or break a business.

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