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“[Objective-C] Annotating PDFs” from friend_to_snails

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[Objective-C] Annotating PDFs

I'm taking a beginning mobile development class, and my professor wants me to jump right in and help him with an app of his written in Objective-C (before I have even learned mobile development), and I have 3 months. I have taken a few other CS classes so far.

This app is basically a songbook that holds many PDF files of music scores. The first (of many things) that he wants me to add the ability for the user to annotate the music score with highlighter, pen, and eraser. Since there are many music scores, I would need to have the app save these annotations for each score, and allow editing by the user later if needed (i.e. allow the user to go back and erase stuff and add more annotations to a given score).

I'm in the planning phase and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I was thinking of having the annotations occur on a second view layer, and then saving that layer as an image so that it can be overlaid back onto the music notes at any time. My concern is, would I be able to re-annotate this layer once it has been saved as an image (i.e. erase and add more annotations, then save it again)?

Or what's the best way to go about this? I would really appreciate any advice because I am in over my head!

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