“Marketing cofounder needed for data based SaaS (consumer application built, very low overhead, prototype enhancements built)” from reddit/r/cofounder

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Marketing cofounder needed for data based SaaS (consumer application built, very low overhead, prototype enhancements built)

Data Digger provides marketing data for B2B sales teams.

There is a free option, if you choose less than 12 business categories / cities. Anything above that costs a minimum of $15 plus $1 per city/category. So, for example, to build a file of restaurants, bars and liquor stores (3 business categories), in the 10 most populated cities in the Midwest, this file would cost $45. Everything involved with pricing and free options is database driven, so we can change things up at the drop of a hat without a code push. The team currently is just myself, I am the developer and architect of this system of applications. The current marketing efforts I've made: logo, design, blog with 19k blog posts (targeted towards populated cities with various LTKW's), facebook, twitter, design for prebuilt files (called guarded files which are sent instantly inn exchange for email address), and that's about it as far as things I've tried and am doing currently. Ideally, you are someone who recognizes the profit margins of selling data and have a history of a strong work ethic. Also, ideally you are reading this and recognizing what a crap job I'm doing at marketing and bootstrapping the business here. Hopefully someone catches this, feel free to ask any/all questions Edit: Oh, and the "prototype enhancements" are features that would turn this into a kind of all in one platform (CRM system, email blasting system and prospect management system). DataDigger started out as a tool I used in marketing other applications, and originally was deployed behind my companies internal employee portal. So, there is another deployment of the same software that empowers DataDigger, in another system with more features built in but easily could be re-purposed under the DD brand if needed. All companies/code bases mentioned here are 100% my own.

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