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The Grand Rapids Coders Club!

Posted On May 2, 2016 at 11:40 pm by / 2 Comments

Coders Club has been a BIG success the last few months in Lansing. We have in total taught almost 40 new people how to code! This is just the people that have come to Coders Club in Lansing.

With how awesome it has been in Lansing, we thought we’d reach out to some other cities to see if others would be interested in a similar event.

We got a HUGE amount of interest from Grand Rapids in particular!

Long story short: Coders Club is coming to Grand Rapids!

Grand Rapids has it’s own voting link: http://vote.codersfarm.com/GRcodersclub

It will have its own events scheduled in our meetup.com group and our facebook group.

Our host in this great city, is the GRMakers! GRMakers is a makerspace in Grand Rapids (for those not familiar, a makerspace is a cities local collection of inventors, hackers and generally creative/brilliant minds)


The Grand Rapids Coders Club topics will remain the same as the existing Coders Club topics that can be found in this post (the topics can also always be seen in the Vote app linked above). The club will meet the 4th Monday of every month, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.


GRMakers is located at the following address:

401 Hall St SW #185
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

We are extremely excited to have gotten so much support and interest for a new instance of our Coders Club event!

For any further information, as always feel free to shoot us an email at info@codersfarm.com or you can add a comment to this post below.


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