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“Forgot How to think like a programmer after a mental breakdown that lasted months,need advice and in deep trouble at work” from donefuckupgood

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Forgot How to think like a programmer after a mental breakdown that lasted months,need advice and in deep trouble at work

This question also falls into counselling stuff but i would like some advice since it's related to programming

Backstory – Had depression since a long time was on medication but high school final's,act's,bunch of other exams along with work pressure triggered something that caused a nasty mental breakdown also the amount of pills i was being fed by my doctor to study longer hours which is pretty common for students in asia.

So basically that happened,i was not able to look at screen's or even read books on my own without having hallucinations and questioning my own existance.This lasted 3 months and took another 4 to come back to normal.

The thing is my memory has been wiped out i cant remember stuff clearly that happened before the mental breakdown specially stuff from 7th grade till highschool and that's when i learned to code and tinker with computers.I even got a internship,won a highschool hackathon,was working on a web scraping project and a puzzle game.

What i have realized is i still remember stuff like syntax but my brain cant sem to figure out how to apply them even things like for loops in simple basic level programming problems like printing shapes made of characters in cmd.

This stuff used to be really easy to work before,so i want to get back to the level i was at because programming and messing with computers has been the only thing i have loved since i was a teenager and not getting even simple stuff i making me loose sleep.

The worse thing is i have enrolled into a computer engineering degree and not that i would be going into second year of it where we have subjects like data structures,turning machines etc i may have to drop out if things keep going the way they are.

I dont know where to start again,since i just cant seem to apply what i know like i used to to things.I have turned to this sub before for troubleshooting so i hope you awesome people will guide me out through this hell hole.

I forgot to mention i may loose out on a upcoming internship.

TL:DR ; HAVE TO START FROM THE BOTTOM again to think like a dev due to a mental breakdown and have no idea where to begin again.

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