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Coders Club at Coders Farm!

Posted On March 4, 2016 at 11:33 pm by / 3 Comments

Have you ever wanted to simply get an hour of leadership with learning how to get started programming or making a website?

At Coders Club, you can!

EDIT: Now in Lansing and Grand Rapids!

EDIT Sep 19th 2016:

Coders Club unfortunately will not be happening until further notice. Fortunately, we were able to teach over 100 people to code in the 6 months of events here in Michigan! Unfortunately, a company our size needs to recognize it’s assets and focus on building longevity for ourselves before we can come back to the free Coders Club events.

We thank everyone for their attendance, and we wish everyone luck in their continued studies towards IT education!

In Lansing: the 3rd Wednesday of every month; and Grand Rapids: the 4th Monday of every month, Coders Farm is going to host an event where we teach you something. What we decide to teach will vary depending on YOUR VOTE! You can vote here ( and the various topics that we may cover can be seen below. One week before the monthly event, we will make an announcement of what is going to be definitely covered at Coders Club that month.

Below is a list of the various topics you can vote on
  • Getting Started with Java Web Development

    For this topic, you are expected to have a laptop and prepare by downloading/installing the JDK (helpful picture) and Eclipse for Java EE. That’s it! Download and install those two things on your laptop (they work on windows, linux, mac, doesn’t matter) and come ready to learn!

  • Other Cool Java things

    For this topic also, you are expected to download and install the same two things outlined above in the Getting Started with Java Web Dev topic AND Netbeans for Java SE (helpful picture). This is NOT any type of pre-req for the other Java class, nor is that one a pre-req for this topic. Both topics offer their own cool things. This will cover Executable Jar Files, working with local filesystems and building a GUI in Java!

  • SQL Basics

    For this topic you will need to have a laptop install the MySQL Workbench. You will learn enough SQL to be able to insert data into a database, read data from a database, update and delete data from a database. SQL is THE language for interacting with databases, and is used in just about all back end programming languages.

  • Getting Started with C#

    For this topic, you will will need to either have a Windows computer or do something awesome to be able to install Visual Studio Community Edition. In this topic we will cover how to create Windows programs, share them with your friends/family (deploy) and get started with C# development.

  • Intro to WordPress

    For this topic, you will get to know ALOT about installing WordPress, how it works, how to find and install a Theme and how to create posts/pages for a website. Sadly, you will not leave here with your own website, but you will leave having been able to get experience making a post or a page and seeing how it’s all done!

You can add the event to your calendar using the button below:

Be sure to go vote here!! If no other topic can be determined, we will resort to teaching Getting Started with Java Web Development or whatever the club decides in person.

If you have anymore ideas for Coders Club, let us know in a comment here, elsewhere or bring it up at Coders Club! 😀

We hope for this to be a great learning and networking event for the Greater Lansing Area and are excited to get started with our first Coders Club on the 16th of this month!

We will be posting more and more helpful links and info to this post as we get closer to our first event!

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